Thursday, March 31, 2011

Zone Siren: Pre April Fool's Release.

This is not a personal blog, but I'm just giving a little insight.

You may have read That I sprained my ankle a month ago. You may have also read I moved for work.
Well I did start working, but it turns out I didn't sprain my ankle, I fractured it.  So now that I have a cast, I can work on this project as much as possible before I'm healed enough to go back to working to make money for it.

Here's what's going to happen in terms of How we'll start setting up. First of all I need to get forums going.  Everything about the event will be posted there, save for news updates.  Properly registered players and their team, what each teams goals are, how the game will be played, what players need to have, etcetera.

If I could, I'd find some land with some out building, tow in broken down cars and hold a session every other month. Maybe one day, but right now I'm just looking to buy some military tents, rent partly wooded land and build a few obstacles and cover to make gameplay interesting.  If anyone knows where I can set up a decent forum on the cheap, let me know.

Blowout soon fellow stalker.


  1. Well if your not looking for some professional grade shit then try

  2. Nice, Mindustry. Set it up, Brother Keros.

    Also, I love it when a previous medical condition turns out to be worse than you thought. Hope you're well.

  3. Keep advertising this on /v/, you're bound to get more than a few people who'd do something like this.