Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Zone Siren March 1st Edition

Alright. I have an excuse, I swear. 

I managed to fall off my roof and sprain my ankle last week and just started walking the other day.  So that set me back, along with just managing to get across state for a job interview. 

Now this area is not quite as much Zone-ready as the eastern pseudo-swamplands, but there is a lot of land openly advertised for leasing and they are a lot larger too. 15 acres is about the minimum we'd like to have, and wouldn't need anything bigger than twice that.

So yes I'm still adamant about this project, and getting to see it in action. I've got a list of basic supplies I'd need just to host it. That and it will definitely be a pay to play deal, but Just enough that I can pay for it. I'm going to try to work whatever I can to make it as cheap as possible because I know most people will have to spend so much for an airsoft rifle, as well transportation and gear for the stay.  Once the forum gets up we'll get the details out about what you can purchase on site and what's provided etc. 

Still going strong, and not quitting.

If you don't see it, you're already dead


  1. I'd like to suggest eBay for Airsoft rifles and such. Decide what you want and cross-reference it with a big-name airsoft site (like Evike or ShortyUSA) and see what kind of deal you're getting. You can find some used gems (got an L85A1 on the cheap), but a lot of the auctions are from dealers.

  2. Hello stalker, how are you?