Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Zone Siren

I'll try to keep updates on the progress of things fairly organized. Today's post is about the little things.

People are wondering about how I could make all the intricacies that define S.T.A.L.K.E.R.  These concerns are not unfounded. Though most are simple to fix.

Artifacts are by far the easiest to conjure up.  Mainly they will be homemade props that are found near anomalies and stashes set up all over the course. These are very valuable in trade, and crucial to scientists' mission in the game. 

Next of course is the tricky aspect of anomalies.  So far I have an expensive but realistic idea; one is a remote system that the player has and beeps when close to an object emitting an anomaly signal and then sort of non-harmful booby trap or paint mine explode over the player, "killing" them.  So far that's the best idea I've had on the issue.

Lastly is the mutants, not really a little thing, but pretty exclusive to Stalker in this form. There would be Zombies, which are basically players in zombie masks and a monster banner color. They are allowed 2 hits, even though they can attack like normal players.  Snorks, who must dress accordingly (Gas Mask, Boots and Yutes), and are allowed 5 hits since they get melee attacks which "kill" players (not decided as to level of contact). Lastly, one or 2 Bloodsuckers will roam the field, dressed in jumpsuits(recommend spray paint to camouflage slightly) and masks, are allowed 10 hits.  It will suck as much for them as it does for you.

Those are all the things I felt needed addressing on the Stalker world.  No emissions yet. Sorry.  Always open to new ideas.


I realize, a day after making this site, that anyone new to it, and not familiar with the thread that spawned it, would be a little confused as to what this is.

The best explanation is that I am in the planning stages of hold a 5 night, 3 day expedition into the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

Not the actual zone, mind you,  but one made to replicate it's experience. Basically I will be setting up a long term air-soft match that emulates the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 

I'm already looking at land to purchase/rent for a fall match. After that comes the details of actually having 50-100 people wandering around the woods for fun. Also the construction of small buildings (break apart or permanent depending). 

Once the land issuse is settled, I'll try to set up a forum and have people register. It will be a little selective, since I am wary of just anyone showing up. So everyone willing and able to play, who are responsible and respectful of other people, will be able to register.

The reason for registration is so you can know your faction and teammates on the forum even if you live across the country.

That's all the news for today, but I'll be sure to keep you updated.

Watch out for snorks.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Location of the Zone

More than likely this will take place in Virginia. 

I'm not exactly sure where, but I'm looking into large tracts of land to play around on. 
The reasons are that it's a nice climate most of the year, as well as pretty wooded, and cheap land.
Also I happen to be from there. As to my Canadian Friends, your welcome to join us.  This isn't a nationalist gathering. It's a friendly game about surviving the Zone.

The biggest question is the Cost, both to the player and to myself.  While I'd love to have everyone just show up and go at it, it will take a small fortune to get this started. Aside for the cost of buying the land I'll need to build bases and shelters, that even crude would cost at minimum $10,000-20,000.  Not to mention all the little things to make it truly a stalker experience. 

So, I'm probably going to charge. 100 per person will be the most I want to, because I really don't want to take away from the experience. Obviously this won't pay for the project, but at least it's a start.

I'll start accepting donations as well as investors when I have the location and budget firmly sqaured away. Eventually I want this to be profitable, just to keep it going.

Zone Siren

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Blowout soon.