Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Zone Siren

I'll try to keep updates on the progress of things fairly organized. Today's post is about the little things.

People are wondering about how I could make all the intricacies that define S.T.A.L.K.E.R.  These concerns are not unfounded. Though most are simple to fix.

Artifacts are by far the easiest to conjure up.  Mainly they will be homemade props that are found near anomalies and stashes set up all over the course. These are very valuable in trade, and crucial to scientists' mission in the game. 

Next of course is the tricky aspect of anomalies.  So far I have an expensive but realistic idea; one is a remote system that the player has and beeps when close to an object emitting an anomaly signal and then sort of non-harmful booby trap or paint mine explode over the player, "killing" them.  So far that's the best idea I've had on the issue.

Lastly is the mutants, not really a little thing, but pretty exclusive to Stalker in this form. There would be Zombies, which are basically players in zombie masks and a monster banner color. They are allowed 2 hits, even though they can attack like normal players.  Snorks, who must dress accordingly (Gas Mask, Boots and Yutes), and are allowed 5 hits since they get melee attacks which "kill" players (not decided as to level of contact). Lastly, one or 2 Bloodsuckers will roam the field, dressed in jumpsuits(recommend spray paint to camouflage slightly) and masks, are allowed 10 hits.  It will suck as much for them as it does for you.

Those are all the things I felt needed addressing on the Stalker world.  No emissions yet. Sorry.  Always open to new ideas.


  1. Few things I thought about after reading this;

    On Artifacts: While easy to make out of foam and paint, you should probably decide whether or not you want them to have an effect on the player carrying it, or if they should just be valuable for trading/"selling".

    As far as effects go, let's look at "Meat Chunk". Maybe something like putting a flag (to be tied around the player's arm/leg/head that informs other players he has to be shot twice before going down. That's probably the easiest one to figure out.

    Trading and selling are easier to work out if you go with the standardized "STALKER Kit" idea, so players can trade the artifacts in for Roubles to purchase equipment that you, as the owner/main proprietor, keep at the Bar/main camp.

    On Anomalies: They do sell airsoft/paintball land mines, claymores, and grenades, but if you have experience with construction you may have a better idea as how to build something than I do. As far as anomaly detection from a player standpoint, I can't think of anything that isn't fairly expensive.

    On Mutants: For the blood suckers, you could use the muscular costume foam that comes with a lot of generic costumes, then stain them brown/camouflage, cover a helmet in brown material, to simulate the 'suckers fat head and provide cranial protection, toss on two Christmas lights (I.E. two lights) to simulate their eyes, and some tendrils for good measure. The rest seems fine.

  2. To gentlemanjakkal,

    You basically re-said what I had on artifacts, more than likely they will have something written on them as a code for the scientist faction to break or something. (Working on faction missions)

    I'm the leader of the military band, which in this game is neutral, and is just enforcing the rules mainly. Also a Bar owner will in my employ.

    The rest is all stuff I had in mind.

  3. Loving the idea, if you need some inspiration you might want to check out Northern Light. Kinda the same premise but not following S.T.A.L.K.E.R. of course. You'll probably find more detail on youtube. It looks about what I would imagine you're going for...

  4. On the point of Anomalies, Im pretty certain that there are electronic Hide-N-Go-Seek games. Now of course, you would have to have everyone linked up to the same anomalies. But, its just an idea.

  5. Sorry to double-post but, for clans, assuming you have any, volunteers are able to join any faction they wish right?

  6. Just trying to help hedge down some ideas, throwing out some ideas, even if you're barely in the planning stages.

  7. I appreciate your ideas, everyone.

    If I respond to you it's not to tear you down, it's just to say what I was thinking on the subject.

    I want people to be active in the process of this.

  8. You should go rile up reddit. They love projects like this and might support you and help you make it.

  9. About Anomalies:
    Why not use infrared emitters? Shouldn't be too hard to whip up an emitter, and a receiver that beeps the more you get closer to the emitter. If you wanted bonus points, you could get some dirt cheap micro-controllers, and make the emitters transmit encoded bursts, each burst being unique to that type of anomaly.

  10. Other than stuff like "+health", or less bullet damage, artifacts should just be worth a sum of money at the bar.

    Speaking of which, you definitely should sell other types of airsoft at the base besides just Ak-47/74.

    And as for medkits, they should be used for reviving yourself / a buddy who's in a "bleeding out" state. But, they should be fairly large, so in a backpack, you wouldn't be able to hold more than 1 or 2 of them.